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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Morning ragas - Bilahari and Malayamarutham

"Dorakuna ituvanti seva" - Thyagaraja kriti in Raga Bilahari:

Film Songs in Ragas Bilahari and Malayamarutham:


  1. ""In Konjum Salangai, the viruttam ‘Orumaiyudan’ sung by Sulamangalam Rajalakshmi perhaps best defines Bilahari and it is one of the greatest compositions on the silver screen. The opening phrase itself begins with GPDS and moves towards the signature janta (repeated swaras) prayoga SNRSSNND" "
    Is that acceptable WITH Carnatic music grammar?!... I have heard that Ritigowlai is an exception in which same note comes adjacent to itself like Ni Ni Sa .. a signature sequence for identifying that raga.


  2. My name is Maaruthaah Sethilnathan and I am a third year Chemical Engineering student living in New Zealand. I am originally from Sri Lanka but have been living in New Zealand for the past nine years. As most people do, I too love music , especially Carnatic music and I am a HUGE fan of yours! I came across your Isai Payanam videos on your Youtube channels and I just fell in love! Absolutely flawless!

    I have always wanted to learn Carnatic music but the part of New Zealand that I'm living in, does not have any Carnatic music teachers and I'm e-mailing to ask whether you give online vocal music lessons to students from around the world. I have learnt Carnatic music and am competent with the basics.

    Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Maaruthaah Senthilnathan