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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Raga's Journey: Kinetic Kalyani

Earlier post on Raga Kalyani:

Ragas covered earlier:


  1. hi madam i am a big fan of you ur voice like honey
    sakthi vel

  2. just read that you sung few great classical cinema songs in your very recent concert at the musical academy.. being a bridge between cine music and classical. very sad that there is no way to watch it . great job charu... you have always appreciated good music and this time by singing them on classical stage. im a fan of your issai payanam and have tasted the real fruit of some episodes.. those would act as a little instant library for many i believe... thankyou... CHILAX...
    Vino Samyveal - London

  3. Dear Madam,

    First of all thank you very much for finding time in opening this mail.
    Im from bangalore and working here in a software concern.

    I'd like to tell you that I'm a great fan of yours and I have seen many Isai Payanam programme in You tube.
    I am really very impressed by the knowledge imparted by you to us audience.

    I very eagerly wait for the fortnight article by you in the hindu paper and was really very happy to see such article.
    I've seen many episodes of yours in you tube and want to tell you that they have really been extremely informative.

    I am dying to attend one of you kutcheri's in chennai.
    Really excited that I got to mail you.
    Let me know if I can be in contact thru this mail id for any futher discussions.

    A Mad fan of yours
    Srinath S

  4. HI Charulatha I like listening to your carnatic songs. you have a nice voice. I watch isai payanam. I like the way you specify the raagams in tamil movie songs. I like to know what raagam the song "santhikatha kankalil" from film 180 is based?

    1. Thanam in this song ( humming by Smt. Sowmya that lasts about 20 seconds ) is Karaharapriya.
      Not sure about rest of the song.

  5. Madam,
    I am an avid listener of Carnatic music and also your rasika.
    I would like to know about the ragas used in the ' Illadathonrillai' song by T.R.Mahalingam in the film Thiruvilayadal. The last two stanzas I think contain the ragas Hindolam and Gowla. Am I right? Pl. list the ragas line by line if you don't mind.
    with regds,

  6. I greatly enjoy your Isai payanam series and your attempt to take carnatic music to the masses. Thank you for your efforts!
    Nandini Venkataraman - Oregon, USA

  7. Namaste:

    I cannot resist writing to you about how I feel about your singing .
    The links on your home page have excellent presentations of your craft.

    Maili Chaadar bhajan is superb.
    I am learning a lot more about Tamil film songs through your narrations.

    Dalita kandita Abang is equally superb.

    Your songs have a prominent place in my life now.

    You seem to be an expert in singing kalyani.
    Endukoni mAnasu is nearly as mesmerizing as e tavunara. Violinists in these recitals have closely followed your voice and added quite a richness and resonance to already a sweet voice and singing skill you are blessed with.

    Keep educating people about Carnatic music as you are doing now.