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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Raga's Journey - Poignant Pantuvarali

More on Raga Pantuvarali:

Ragas covered earlier:


  1. Exciting Songs (ES) said...

    Among all those Tamil songs mentioned there I am familiar only with 'Om simoham' from Naan Kadavul! But I am familiar with both the Hindi songs. Considering all three songs, this Raaga should be awesome!

    Since this is Internet, someone should suggest Hindu that they could include a small 30 second sample of the original raaga sung in a Carnatic tune... That will let us understand the raaga better and perhaps relate the songs to it...

  2. charu, your isai payanam is incredible. So many panthu varali krithis are analyzed....poorya dhanasri intro is awesome....thanks
    Sunanda Iyengar

  3. Mrs.Charulatha mani ,

    simply awed and admired your article on Panthuvarali raga .
    all the msv and ilayaraja songs are my favourite .
    when i never heard about pithamagan ' piraye ' song .
    i downloaded only because of you,

    simply stunned and stumped on raja ;s skill and amazed by your knowlege too.

    thanks a lot and keep it up your essays which are simply superb and knowledgeable .

    s. prasanna

  4. Respected Charulathamani,
    Heartiest Greetings.
    I thumbed a ride through the said Hindu Newspaper and got elated at seeing your performance on Pantuvarali.
    Rest in person at Vanimahal today evening

    Take Care,
    Signing Off,


  5. Though I was very much before time at Vani Mahal on 4th evening, but I just missed due to heavy traffic jam. The gentlelady at the
    reception table endorsed and said that the programme was for 90 minutes.

    Yesterday at Ramakrishna Mission Students Home we could enjoy the songs. The sound
    system was echoing where we sat. Returned with full of satisfaction. Had Dharshan &
    Best Wishes