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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Six-note Splendour of Sriranjani

A Brief Guide to Raga Sriranjani:

Isai Payanam - Raga Sriranjani in Carnatic and Film Music:


Isai Payanam on Jaya TV - Sriranjani episode:

Film Songs in Raga Sriranjani:

Previously covered Ragas:


  1. Vaasaki Vaasaki from Arasiyal by Vidyasagar seems to be in Sriranjani - youtube.com/watch?v=yGPyuz6hqNI

    And the interesting thing about Naadha Vinodhangal is that in the charanams, it switches to Vasantha which employs the notes S r G m D N S without the Pa

  2. Charu madam,

    I read your sriranjani raga analysis in this week metroplus saturday issue. The usage the untrained ears was technically applied to your myth of sriranjani notes nearer to abogi. Like I said of kalyani - lathangi, here also what was felt in me was beautifully highlighted in your essay. tnks in advance I again refer to banduvarali and poorvikalyani with the same confusions. As you say, when the ears become properly trained again and again all these doubts will vanish. thank you,


  3. I am a regular reader of your A raga's journey. Since your write-up is featured in The Hindu, Hyderabad edition also, I request you to enlarge the scope of your article to include References to Telugu
    film songs also wherever it fits in with reference to a particular raga in order to have more reach to your writtings..
    Regards. narayanan

  4. Best wishes and greetings,
    Thank you very much for posting the video clips of this excellent
    fusion concert. May god bless you to come out with many more such
    innovative concerts

    with regards

  5. Hi madam .
    Saw the clipping of the program ... Enjoyed fusion .. Really good show ... hope to see good ones like this sooner ....