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I am a singer-researcher with expertise in Karnatik Music and Early Opera. I discuss intercultural music-making contexts. My work is available at www.charulathamani.com and at www.youtube.com/isaipayanam

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Power of Three - Ragas Madhyamavati, Brindavanasaranga, Brindavani

Raga Brindavanasaranga - Chennaiyil Thruvaiyaru 2013:

Isai Payanam Concert DVD#8 - Ragas Madhyamavati, Brindavanasaranga, Brindavani:

Kamalaptakula - Thyagaraja's kriti in Raga Brindavanasaranga:

MP3 Clips:

Film Songs:


  1. Hello Ms. Charulatha Mani,

    Although I am not trained in Carnatic music, I have been reading your column in The Hindu 'A Raga's Journey'. I like the level of information you provide and make it more relevant to more lay-folk like me (who do not have as much Carnatic music knowledge) by mentioning some of the more popular film music created with each Raga. I have always been searching the internet for your articles on www.thehindu.com and have somehow failed to notice them till date. I have preferred reading them over the website since I do not always read up a newspaper, even if we subscribe to The Hindu at home. So, when I found your articles on The Hindu website (and now your blog), I know I can now follow them much easier than before.

    To be honest, I have never heard you sing nor have I watched any of your TV shows. But if your singing is as good as your articles are, then I am sure you are very talented indeed.

    Thanks for your contribution till now and looking forward to more (thankfully there are so many Ragas to write about!).

    - Ramkumar

  2. Oh, what a voice you have!!! The Adele of India or rather Adele is the Charulatha of Western music? Why didn't I hear your singing than now? Please continue your effort to educate the new generation about the depth as well ass the nuances of Carnatic music.

    Now, when I am trying to come back to normal after hearing about the huge loss of Balamuralikrishna, a little bit consoled to hear your music.

    I have added to my routine to listen to you everyday at least for an hour, of all your singing available.

    Please inform me if you are coming to Melbourne in the future.

    Thank you so much.