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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mood Enhancers - Ragas Kedaram and Bahudari

Isai Payanam on Jaya TV - Kedaram episode:

Kritis in Ragas Kedaram and Bahudari (MP3 Clips):
Brovabarama - Bahudari - Thyagaraja
Smaravaram - Bahudari - Sadasiva Brahmendra
Ananda natana prakasam - Kedaram
Bhajamanasa - Bahudari - Tulasivanam

Film Songs:

Previously covered Ragas:


  1. Wonderful explanation - Increases passion towards compositions and increases knowledge of ragas and the mood. Every music learners must watch this. Thank you for uploading
    prathapan nagaratnam

  2. in youtube i watched your isai payanam album, its very great, one obligation kindly release sri purandara dasara padagalu, incase already you released pls provide details,
    sathiyanarayanan v