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Monday, February 4, 2013

Call of the Swan - Raga Hamsanadam

Isai Payanam - Raga Hamsanadam in Classical and Film Music:

Banturiti kolu - Thyagaraja kriti in Raga Hamsanadam:

Film Songs in Raga Hamsanadam:

Previously covered Ragas:


  1. Dear Charulatha mam

    I saw one tweet by Sanjay which read as under @sanjaysub: Kadanakutuhalam to be renamed Raghuvamsasudha #blackberry

    To a question, why is it done, and who decides on these changes, there was no reply from him.

    What is the reason for such renaming? It's not a political decision as its not the name of any political leader. why add to the confusion by renaming it.

    I am sure you will remember the fight when Mr. S.Balachander took Mr.Balamurali to court when BMK said he I vented a new raga. SB in his counter said, no one can discover any more than the 72 melakartha ragas and one can only discover new ragas and not invent. He won the case.

    At your leisure, please let me know with a reply.

    Thanks and regards


    Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head, let it go !!!!

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    1. It is unlikely that anyone is suggesting renaming Kadanakutuhalam. It is probably a humorous reference to Raghuvamsasudha being virtually the only piece performed in this raga in concerts. There is for instance, a Vasudevachar varnam, a gem in Kadanakutuhalam, which is rarely performed by anyone.

  2. "Sarasara samarai" by Sri. Thyagaraja and "Male Manivanna" from Thiruppavai are very familiar compositions in Kunthalavarali