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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Notes of Peace - Raga Mukhari

Isai Payanam - Raga Mukhari in Carnatic and Film Music:

Carnatic compositions in Raga Mukhari:

Entanine - Thyagaraja MP3 Clip
Sangita sastramu - Thyagaraja - MP3 Clip
Karunaiyin Avataram - traditional Tamil composition - MP3 Clip
Brahma kadigina - Annamacharya - MP3 Clip

Film Songs in Raga Mukhari:

Previously covered Ragas:


  1. charulatha akka
    unka paadalkal ellam keddom. mikavum nalla irunthuthu. sunrajh isai kuluvin puthandu valthukal.kudiya viravil unkalai kupiduvom franc ikku .nanri.enkku aankilam theriyathu.thamil moli mulam aankilathil eluthukiren .
    Nagendraruban Thirunavakarasu

  2. Hi Charulata

    Your interview is uploaded please click on the URL below to watch it and read the
    Maalaimalar Paper today your ad also coming on it.




  3. Dear Madam,
    Thank you very much for the updates. We really enjoying.
    with greetings,
    Bala TV

  4. thank you charu madam,
    As you say, a slight slip in notes may lead to adjustant raga - bairavi will have an impact while referring to muhari.
    If not a trained ear as you say, distinguishing ragas of similar pattrerns will stand a challenge.


  5. 9th jan 13

    Dear madam

    Thanks for the details.

    I find raga Mukhari and Bhairavi are more or less same, as am not able to appreciate the finer difference between the two. May be you are the right person to brief on this.

    The Hindu article is it published once a month.

    Thanks a lot once again


  6. Kanukkul pothiveippen.. is a fantastic composition and has been rendered so beautifully by you. Thanks again for notifying the different raagas involved in this song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGTG9n1tGnk

  7. "Kannukkul potthi vaippen"....very well sung ma'am. In the last few days have listened to this song innumerable times. My 5 year old just loves this song and she sings this pretty well. Quite a rare ragam combination (guess it shifts between mukhari, saaranga and hamir kalyani.....not an expert), and very pleasing to hear in your voice. Of course, needless to say, Vijay Prakash and Sadana Sargam as well.......amazing combination!!! arpudham!

  8. However, Rajan Maharajan is in Huseni and not Mukhari. Is it not?