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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Towering Thodi

Thyagaraja kritis in Raga Thodi:


Dikshitar's Kritis in Raga Thodi:


Film Songs in Raga Thodi:


Previously covered Ragas:


  1. I posted this comment on the Hindu article page but there has been no response.

    To my ears Hindustani Bhairavi has always sounded more like Carnatic Sindhu Bhairavi rather than Todi, although the published arohanam and avarohanam for H-Bhairavi and C-Todi match. From the published scales for C-Todi and C-Sindhu Bhairavi, the only difference (although Sindhu Bhairavi is vakram) is in rishabham - C-Todi is R1 while Sindhu Bhairavi is R2 during arohanam, while during avarohanam both are R1. Any thoughts?

    1. Todi is is defined not merely by notes and their numbers/positions...it is defined by gamakas, and oscillations...miniscule differences in the oscillations will result in a different raga altogether...when the notes are sung plain yes, Sindhubhairavi results...but again Sindhubhairavi features two dhaivatas as well. Your observations on the rishabha are clever, but not completely correct. Often in phrases that return to the sadja, the rishabha is completely eschewed in aarohana, and often yes, it is the R2 that is used. Srinath Viswanathan, to sum it up Sindhubhairavi cannot be strictly bound by rules ever...it is a free spirit that revels in springing surprises..

  2. I would be grateful if you would kindly let me know if you have published any book based on the column you write for The Hindu supplement on Saturdays – Journey of Ragas
    Thank you with regards
    sk Murthy

  3. Respected Mam,

    I am very proud of you. Because you are teaching carnatic in Name of "Isai Payanam". Mam i am hearing your "Isai Payanam" by downloading it in Internet.

    Mam i am copying it in my mobile and hearing it. I love Mr.Unnikrishnan "Deva Deva kalayamithe" song very much now i am practicing it Mam. I am more more interested in carnatic but due to poverty i have no way to study it. Please send your "Isai Payanam" video from origin. So it will increase my carnatic and my singing skill. But if i study carnatic ultimately i can become a good singer.

  4. I am not a Tamilian but I enjoy listening to Isai Payanam. Thanks Charulatha Madam for the excellent discourses!
    Anita Nair