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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Dharmavathi and Madhuvanthi

Isai Payanam - Ragas Dharmavathi and Madhuvanthi in Classical and Film Music:

Listen and Learn - Dharmavathi Melakartha:

Kandanal - Raga Madhuvanthi:

Parandhamavati - Raga Dharmavati - Muthuswami Dikshitar:

Bhajana Seya Rada - Raga Dharmavathi - Mysore Vasudevachar (MP3 Clip)

Film Songs in Ragas Dharmavathi and Madhuvanthi:


Previously covered Ragas:


  1. Dear Charulata,

    This is Professor Srinivasan from IIT Bombay. I was looking to hear Tyagaraja's Nadaloludai that I heard several years ago sung by Maharajapuram Santhanam from an old Sangteetha cassette that is issued no more.

    I looked through the net and I enjoyed your rendering of this piece immensely.
    It is buoyant and as the Saint-Poet describes, it does immerse us into the etherial world of music.

    The translations and explanations greatly enhance one's appreciation of the piece. I would venture to make one small suggestion:

    The english translation may read better thus:

    May the mind experience supreme joy through immersion in the sweet sounds of the seven svaras and ragas.

    However this is just a suggestion. Afterall no translation can ever be as perfect as the original !

    Thanks for the lovely rendering.
    Prof. Gopal Srinivasan