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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Sweet and Sour Lathangi

Carnatic Songs in Raga Lathangi

Film Songs in Raga Lathangi


  1. Dear Mrs Charulathamani


    Many thanks for keeping me informed of the monthly progress of RAGA'S JOURNEY.
    I am sorry that I am unable to attend and I regret the fact that we are missing out on exceptional and sweet music performances which we love very much.
    Perhaps, on our next visit to Chennai, we are sure we can purchase the full series in CD or DVD.
    Please let me know of the availability of your CD or DVD in UK.

    We look forward to your next visit to UK?

    With our best regards
    Vahsuki & Pathmanathan

  2. Dear Charulatha,

    Thank you for taking us along with you in your enchanting musical journey today at BVB. And it was for such a great cause too! It gave my husband and me immense satisfaction to make our own humble contribution for the noble cause that you have undertaken.

    I love the way you decode, demystify and distill raagas for us. Thank you!

    And I love this song in Vibhas:



    chaand akela jaaye sakhi ri
    kaahe akela jaaye sakhi ri
    man mora ghabaraaye ri
    sakhi ri, sakhi ri, o sakhi ri
    chaand akela
    vo bairaagi vo manabhaavan
    kab aayega more aangan
    itana to batalaaye ri
    sakhi ri, sakhi ri, o sakhi ri
    chaand akela
    ang ang mein holi dahake
    man mein bela chameli mahake
    ye rit kya kahalaaye ri
    bhaabhi ri, bhaabhi ri, o bhaabhi ri
    chaand akela

    Thanks and regards,

    Geetha Manichandar