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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oslo - Geiranger Trip

Had an awesome vacation at Oslo and Geiranger in Norway with my husband. Thanks to my Norwegian friends Nalayani and Mohan for making our trip most enjoyable!

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  1. Madam,
    I had attended your concert last Friday and you’ve rendered full justice to the
    Audience rendering popular tamil kiruthis.
    I have been an ardent admirer of the feature “Musical journey” published in
    The Hindu every fortnight. It was very interesting.
    I have a few doubts regarding ragas in film music. I have been scratching my head about
    The raga ‘Kathiruppan kamalakannan’. But I was really surprised when you have mentioned
    As Saramathi. If I remember correct, the swaras are rendered in fast pace (which
    I feel it is rather uncommon in Saramathi). I want to clarify whether the full song is in
    Saramathi or in different ragas. Kindly let me know the various ragas.
    In one of the music reviews in Vikatan, Mr Veeyesvi has written about your concert.
    It seems in one of the concert, you have casually mentioned that “Pen onru kanden”
    is in Brindavana Saranga (correct?) In one particular phase, the tune very much
    Resembled “Sri Rangapura Vihara”.
    But your view that “Chelai kattiya pennuku” is in Sriraga, has confused me.
    I would be much obliged as to how you have started identifying ragas in film
    Music. I would also like to mention your experience in in film field. I have a lingering
    Doubt for a long time. Whether the raga be decided by music Director before
    The lyrics are written? Or the raga comes accidentally?
    I would be much obliged if you can reply early. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Incidentally, I wish to state that I am a writer in Tamil writing in the pseudo name
    Thanking you,
    Lakshmanan (Vadoolan)