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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bhairavi Swarajati - Amba Kamakshi

Creating this recording and the video was a spiritual experience for me. Raga Bhairavi has magical powers and envelopes the soul. This kriti "Amba Kamakshi" was composed on the goddess at Kanchi "Kamakshi" by the great Shyama Sastri. This kriti is a call of the child's soul to the divine mother "Amba". Each and every person can relate to this call to the divine, this I truly believe. I dedicate this video and kriti to Kanchi Kamakshi Ambal, Sri Mahaperiyava and Shyama Sastri. I also recall with fond love my guru Late Smt Savitri Saytamurthy who painstakingly taught me this piece "Amba Kamakshi" and many other precious gems in music. 

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  1. I have listened the song of Goddess Amba Kamakshi sung by you.Really best in all respects. Kamakshi amman's blessings will be always with you.
    Ananda Ram.K

  2. Dear Mrs. Charulatha Mani,
    The bhairavi swarajati is superb. You have sung it with a clear and crisp voice.
    God has blessed you with talent and a violin in your voice!
    Please go on and sing and record with perfection and showcase Carnatic music at its best.

  3. Namaste,
    I listened to Semmangudi's version of the swarajati also. Yours is almost like his version; he performs a neraval at the end. His swaras are more audible compared to sahitya lines. Both of you seem to perform at the same speed. Very nice. I will keep listening to your version.

    You have made a great impact in my life in the last several weeks since I had a chance encounter in YouTube.


  4. Mrs. Charulatha,
    What a wonderful presentation! Every charanam is sung with clarity and with bhavam.
    Though I am learning this swarajathi through a teacher, your video is more helpful to me.
    good job. keep it up.
    May god bless you and be with you in your musical journey.
    best wishes
    best wishes