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Friday, December 30, 2011

Now on iTunes - "Abhangs and Bhajans"

Charulatha Mani's new album is now available on iTunes and Amazon:

Abhangs & Bhajans
Charulatha Mani

1. Jai sumirath - Yaman - Paramparik
2. Arambhi – Kalavati - Samarth Ramdas
3. Dalita Kaanditha – Pilu - Paramparik
4. Yeyigathu - Revati - Sant Tukaram
5. Theertha Vittala - Raag Malika - Sant Namdev
6. Pandaricha - Bhagesri Brindavana - Sant Namdev
7. Bhaktha jana - Brindavana Saranga - Sant Namdev
8. Hari tum haro – Durbari - Mirabai
9. Bhagyadha – Madhyamavati – Purandara Dasa

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  1. I have not used itunes but I have an affiliate account with Amazon. So, if I link to the songs from my site and someone buys it following my link, I can get a small (very small) commission. I have not been very successful with it when I tried with certain mainstream bollywood and even Tamil movie songs. Let me try linking to your songs too, one of these days. Let us see if we are able to generate some mp3 sales for our mutual benefit :)

    But do you think people buy mp3 songs online much? I do agree that the trend is improving and maybe in future they might buy more. What are your thoughts on this?