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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sri Gomathi Ambal Krithis

"The Sacred Hymns on Gomathi Ambal, Sankarankoil"

Text: Coimbatore Kunjammal

Set to music and sung by: Charulatha Mani

The album is available free of cost from the Kunjammal family. Details on the CD cover image above.

Click on the image to view full-size.

MP3 Clips:

  1. Vishnu Sahothariyin - Nattai
  2. Innumdayavu Sankarabharanam
  3. Gomathi Ambalendru - Mohanam
  4. Sundari Gomathi - Anandabhairavi
  5. Sree Gomathi unaiye - Kaanada
  6. Enakku Irangavendum - Bhairavi
  7. Dharisanam Tharumamma - Kalyani
  8. Akshayamai Vilangum - Asaveri
  9. Pottai Parungal - Surutti
  10. Parikahalahadamma - Behag
  11. Gomathi Ambalendru - Sahana
  12. Santhanam Taaharum - Poorvikalyani
  13. Dharisanam Thandarukku - Senchurutti
  14. Aadimadamthamil - Yadukulakambodhi
  15. Himagirithanaye - Neelambari


  1. I like this blog website due to the quality of a description. I say thanks to that person who made this Wonderful Blog. Let Me Share This on My Face Book Page

  2. Thank you mam will await eagerly for your ambal astakam and ofcourse you have blessed us by singing the songs of aman who is kula deivam for us
    thanks once again

  3. Wonderful rendering of Mathusri Kunjammal's compositions on Sri Gomathi Ambal.

  4. http://www.maalaimalar.com/2013/07/22160231/gomathi-amman-name-special.html

    Madam - Could you pls check the above link which gives a hint about the Gomathi Sahasranaman from Koorma Purana. When can we expect the same from you ? Regards

  5. can i have the pdf of the songs

  6. Any one know the song Gomathi nee en meethu manasirangu amma nan athi pavi analum kadai kanathu parai

  7. Madam, Thank you so much for uploading these kritis on Sri Gomathi Ambal. This form of the Mother Goddess is our family deity too. I'd like to know, on a completely different note, if you happen to know any place(s) where i can get Sri Gomathi Ambal's gollu bommais. If there are any places you know of in/outside of India, please let me know.