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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Parthasarathy Swami Sabha Concert

Charulatha Mani - Carnatic Vocal
Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha , 26th December 2010
B. Anantakrishnan - Violin
Tillaistanam Suryanarayanan - Mridangam
Morsing - Sundar

MP3 Excerpts:

Bhajamanasa - Bahudari
Pariyachakama - Vanaspati
Ramaikanannu - Sahana
O Jagadamba - Anandabhairavi
Arulavendum - Saramati
Kamakshi - Varali
Bhaktajanavatsale - Abhang

Viruttam & Thillana - Sindhubhairavi
Yehigatu -Abhang


  1. Your performance was excellent at the Padma Sarangapani Hall. Best wishes for New Year

    sasi raj

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  3. Thank you for rewarding my patience by posting excerpts from Parthasarathy Swami Sabha Concert. Both of the main vocals over Kamakshi are excellent. Liked the explanation of O jagadamba - something only few artists make an effort of. I do understand you have to wrap the explanation quickly due to time constraints. Surely Saraswathi did put the Veena down again while listening to your concert :)) - I did played it few times to rejoice the note’s falling in their places. Do appreciate your Anandabhairavi, Naatai, Sahana, Hamsadhwani, Reethigowla, Saramathi, Varali(s) and other ragas presentation from previous concert - as equally as your favourite Kaapi (no offence). Violinist Ananthakrishnan played well too – do recall his name from some other concerts. Thanks again!

  4. happy new year.
    Iam not well versed in carnatic music. Only few singers touched my heart. There are only three, amongst you are one. Your melodius voice and raga explanations really takes me to the divine's feet.
    Let lord Krishna bless you with long life, good health and peaceful life to serve the society.
    D. Rangarajan