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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sahithya Payanam #4 - Vani Mahal

The fourth installment of Sahithya Payanam was held at Vani Mahal on 13th November.

The concert was preceded by a donation by the Isai Payanam Trust (Regd.) to "RASA" - a special education school that reaches out to developmentally disabled children in Chennai through dance, music, and art. RASA is run by Bharatnatyam dancer Dr. Ambika Kameshwar. 

MP3 Audio Excerpts from the concert:

Video Excerpts:


Video clips contributed by: Mr. N.Kandasamy


  1. Sknda-shasti time, very appropriate Pabanasam Sivan song. Very good explanation of Thiru Chenthoor history and once it was a Mountain. The area was covered with Ginger, Turmeric (Haldi) and Banana trees once upon a time (Thirupugaz)- these plants usually belongs to Kurunchi plains. Listen to every word about Thiru-Chenthoor and Nandanar - very in-depth explanation with careful choice of words. Shame! We are not as gifted as those in Madras to enjoy it live.
    Respect your heartily feelings towards the needs of others – aware that you have done a lot in this area - with courage at times.
    Thank you for posting this concert!