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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Isai Payanam and DVD Release

On Saturday 29th Aug, 2009, Isai Payanam DVD Volumes 8, 9 and 10 were released at a function held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore. This release function was followed by my Isai Payanam concert. 

The DVDs produced by Giri Trading Agency were released by well-known singer Sri P. Unnikrishnan and the first copies were received by noted music director Sri Dhina. Actor Sri ARS was also present on the occasion. Volume 8 contains ragas Subhapantuvarali, Madhyamavati, Brindavani and Brindavanasaranga. Volume 9 contains Abhogi and Kapi ragas and Volume 10 contains ragas Kaanada and Darbari Kaanada

Sri Unnikrishnan congratulated the effort of Isai Payanam to promote classical music among a greater cross- section of audience. Sri Dhina stressed the importance of classical music and highlighted the role that classical singers like MS, Madurai Somu and others have played in enriching film music from those days till today. He also stated that he liked watching the television episodes of Isai Payanam and said they were very entertaining and informative.

The function was followed by my concert in which I presented ragas Sahana, Maand, and Bagesri which was enjoyed by the packed auditorium full of eager rasikas.

Seen in the photo (L to R) – Sri ARS, Sri Dhina, Sri P. Unnikrishnan, Smt Charulatha Mani and Sri Karthik Bala, Trustee, Isai Payanam Trust.

Concert Contents:


Classical Songs:
Vaanathin meethu - Ramalinga Swamigal
Muralidhara - Periasamy Thooran
Arumo Aaval
Thillana - Lalgudi Jayaraman
Pullanguzhal (theeratha)- Bharatiar
Odi varugayile (chinnanchiru) - Bharatiar

Film Songs:
Aduvome - Naam iruvar
Maasila - Ambikapathy
Ayiram kann - Paavai vilakku
Oru naal poduma - Thiruvilaiyadal
Kumari pennin - Enga veettu pillai
Nenjam marappadillai - Nenjam marappadillai
Jaathi malli - Azhagan
Anjali - Duet
Sowkiyama - Sangamam
Varaha - Sangamam


Varnam (karunimpa)
Vandanamu - Thyagaraja
Giripai - Thyagaraja
Evasudha - Thyagaraja
Emana dichevo - Thyagaraja
Dehi tava - Thyagaraja
Raghupathe - Thyagaraja
Sri kamalambikayam - Dikshitar
Rama inka nannu - Patnam subramanya iyer
Sri vatapi - Papanasam sivan
Chittam irangadadenayya - Papanasam sivan
Innamum - periasamy thooran(?)
Sri rama sri rama - Thyagaraja
Jayatu kodandarama - Purandaradasa
Kuthuvilakkeriya - Thiruppavai

Film songs:
Kanavinile (viruttam) - Meera
Parthen - Vira abimanyu
Engo pirandavaram - Bommai
Rukku rukku - Avvai shanmugi
Azhage sugama - Parthale paravasam
Poonthena - Eeranilam
Kannamoochi yenada - Kandukondein


Sagara sayana - M.D.Ramanathan
Kanden kanden - Arunachala kavi
Govindamiha - Narayana theertha
Nageswari neeye (karpagavalli) - Devotional

Film songs:
Kalaiye - Meenda sorgam
Kaanaa inbam - Sabhash meena
Nilave ennidam - Ramu
Mayakkum malai - Gulepagavali
Nee ennenna - Sirithu vazha vendum
Malarukku thendral pagaiyanal - Enga veettu pillai
Koluse - Pen buthi pin buthi
Mazhai varudhu - Raja kaiya vechha
Konja neram - Chandramukhi
Jaag dard-e-ishq - Anarkali


  1. Comment on Session Suddha Dhanyasi:
    This is a unique exposition that brings out the multitude of features that Suddhadhanyasi has within its fold.

    The range of emotions from Bhakthi (your moistfull eyes in ecstasy at one point in 'Narayana'), soon after to extreme happiness (your laughing out loud with Ma ma ma ..mama from 'Neeye unakku enrum niharanavan..') to sringara rasam (Kankal enge..).

    Experience shared of a state of pure joy attained through music, comparable to the state attained thro' intense yoga or extreme bakthi.

    Insights difficult to explain brought out lucidly: "How the spark or composition comes out of us we ourselves do not know. As we listen to the Trinity of music and follow the path laid out by them and learn, many things get absorbed into us and as other composers or we sing, many prayogams come out of us. That is sangeetham or Manodharma.

    Manodharma is not learnt. Things we learnt when combined through our cognizant power, knowledge, the product that comes out is Manodharma". - Beautiful!

    And usual so many other finer points of music.
    Also this session of IP brought out maximum number of applauses!.

    As always, we thank you.

    Mr. Kumarasamy, Singapore

  2. Hi Charulatha,

    We were two of the humsafars in yesterday's enchanting musical journey organised by Srimadhumitha and you at Narada Gana Sabha ( in a tribute to the Divas Forever).

    The experience was amazing enriched by the passion and selflessness expressed by both of you. Madhumitha was a bundle of energy, emotions and pathos which helped us transcend the earthy universe into a domain of pure ecstacy and joy which only music can provide.

    Though it was a free concert what touched us is the commitment with which Madhumitha rendered the songs - no remix, no half hearted performance. The surprise element was rendering of the full songs.

    Kudos to both of you and thanks a ton for creating an enchanting evening for the Chennaites. Proud to be one!

    Wishing both you lots of luck for your future and looking forward to many more such experiences from Isai Payanam Trust.

    Since we dont not know the access details of Madhumitha, please pass on our wishes to her too.

    best regards
    Uma & Viswanathan

  3. Where to buy the complete DVD Collection?

    1. The Isai Payanam DVDs are available at all Giri Trading outlets and most major music outlets that stock Carnatic music.
      To order online for overseas shipment: