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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tamil New Year

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Tamil New Year 2009-2010. Invoking the blessings of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, I begin my blogging pursuit. I am known to many as a singer, I also love to interact with my rasikas by speaking during the concert. On Isai Payanam in Jaya TV I explain the sahitya and raga bhavas and also the usage of ragas in cine songs. So much for the speaker in me.

Writing has always been close to my heart, it is a quiet way of communication, silent yet powerful. I am really excited to blog, its like conversing with you all from a dais that has no beginning, no end, just the fabric of the omnipresent world wide web. My writings may sometimes seem tiresome...but mostly they are ...not...ahem...

Mango Pachidi is indeed a delicacy, friends, what with all its tangy flavour of the seasonal fruit, dripping in jaggery paagu, the occassional dash of the neem flower combined with the aroma of green chillies. A treat I ate with great delight for lunch today. The New Year brings in plenty of heat, lots of sweat, cartloads of mangoes, and long days indoors. I use this time for listening to more music, minding my little children the twin troubles that I enjoy tending to, and practising.

I performed in Delhi for a lovely Tamil audience last month. I didn't have much time for sight seeing, though I promised to myself that I would surely explore at least the main parts of Delhi at a later time. Delhi Tamil audience are very sweet, they made sure I sang for a good three hours, and even after that chits kept coming on to the stage. I assured them that I would certainly come back very soon.

Anybody from Calcutta out there? I am singing for "Rasikapriya" organisation on the 29th of May at Calcutta. You may contact one Mr. Kannan for info on venue, I shall also be posting details.

I sang Raghuvamsa Suthambudi the Kadanakuthuhalam kriti at a recent Rama Navami Concert in Chennai, and really enjoyed the experience. I felt a sense of elation and happiness while singing, and that was infectiously communicated to the audience. During the chittaswaram a few children started dancing spontaneously, overjoyed. Such is the nature of this raga, it radiates happiness. This kriti is often played on instruments than sung, but when sung it is a winner.

So much for this instalment, friends... The year is called "Virodhi" but, what's in a name? (Virodhi means enemy in Tamil and Hindi!) Well then, lets all have a happy and friendly "Virodhi" year!


  1. Great you have started blogging, we have 3 of your IsaiPayanam DVDs and your CDs Bho Shambho, Mangalyam, Hiranmayim.. Hope you release more CDs ! Our daughter enjoys your music..

  2. I enjoy listening to your isai payanam on 'you tube' and I have listened to ;Kalyani, mohanam and aarabi' many times.

    Living in Australia I don't get opportunities to listen to you in person. Any plans for Australian rasikas?


  3. I always love to listen to any song in Kadanakuthuhalam.
    But why, there are records of songs in this raga; I used to own audio cassettes but, alas, they have died a dusty death.
    It is a joyous raga and one can't remain unmoved to it.

  4. Dear Charu,
    I have been following your cutcheries, tuesday morning isai payanam, youtube and now the blog.
    This whole new experience of following carnatic music has an another dimension in the form of technology of the IT age, generally i am a conservative, enjoying nice south Indian delicacies, like the manga pachidi, thick adai with avial, kapaleeshwara temple, sandhya vandhanam and the like, i am a teacher/corporate trainer, HR consultant with a spiritual bend. I use to say in the training programs, P.G.Wodehouse, Philosophy, and carnatic music are the three which will make a man/women, complete. Crazy mohan exponent of P.G.Wodehouse and you are the exponent of the later. Before you, i was an ardent fan of K.V.Narayanaswami and D.K.Jayaraman, you would have understood my taste.
    Let us keep blogging, please continue your good work.

  5. Hi charu... This is Sri..i enjoyed reading your blog..Very cool..All the best and keep blogging!! Please update me on your hit film songs regularly:-)

  6. Hi Charu,
    I enjoyed listening to your songs on youtube. Now this! I would love to taste the mangai pachdi too,but unfortunately it is not the mango season in sydney!!
    Please convey my regards to Srimathumitha!
    Sydney, Australia.

  7. Nalini aunty of Sydney, Hi! How are you? It was lovely to perform at sunny Perth and hilly Canberra last year, hope to see you soon...

  8. Thank you for wishing us Happy Tamil New Tear. May God continue to shower His/Her blessings on you for more and more successes.

    We enjoyed your 'Isai Payanam' concerts in December, '08 at BVB, Mylapore and Karnataka Hall, T Nagar.

    We keep watching Jaya TV on Tuesdays. On 7th inst., the programme on 'Hamsanandi' Raga was short & sweet. You may be aware that A.M.Raja's "Kaalaiyum Neeye" in the film 'Thenilavu' is also a hit song on this Raga. However, we appreciate that in the short time allotted to you, it was not possible for you to cover this song also.


  9. Dear Charulatha Mani,

    We were part of the sweet Delhi audience till we moved to Chennai to have more of music and pravachanams. We have attended your performances and I received a gold coin prize also from you. We await the 9th and 10th dvds. Can you bring out your brief expositions on Jaya TV also?
    We are at present with our son and family abroad but our permanent address is in Gopalapuram Chenai.
    best wishes
    B Natarajan Shanta

  10. Hi CLM,
    A good old friend of mine gifted me the 7-DVD set of your "Isai Payanam" and here in London my whole family is enjoying each one of them immensely, one Volume after another and over again. Hats off to you, as you often say, for the novel way of taking us to the depths of the finer points of both carnatic and film music.

    I went over and bought the DVD of the film 'Karuthamma' to listen to the film version of "Porale ponnuthayi..." and I was struck by the difference in the deep feeling that you evoke by your rendering with so much bhava that reaches the soul.

    As some commenters have already said, we look forward to your next set of 7-DVDs of your IP.

    God Bless You


  11. Hi Charulatha Mani
    I saw you singing in a program organized by vision time. I had come there to speak on healthy skin. You sang very well. I had not seen your lovely program on Jaya TV on raagas and their usage in films. Do you have a CD of that? Can you post in your blog? it will be greatly useful for rasikas like me. All the very best and wish you a very bright future
    Dermatologist, Chennai