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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Will "sabhas" have the gall to ban the creeps named from the 'Carnatic cesspool' in the metoo allegations? Including those powerhouses in the US? Or are you all going to standby and watch these offenders thrive further? Isn't it about time? Veeravanallur V Sundaram: do you have anything to say sir? I ask this, because hierarchical power structures such as the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana, CMANA, and the Sydney Thyagaraja Aradhana (to name only a few) have, over the last few decades, knowingly or unknowingly, with their "patronage", and almost devoted allegiance to several of the named "vidvans", allowed such filth to fester until it has now turned into putrid compost and blown up in everyone's face.

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  1. So sad that several years of singing devotional kirtanais has failed to scrape away the layers of lust, self-conceit, sense of entitlement, craving and such dirt from these souls. Sad.