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Friday, January 3, 2014

Priya Principle - Ragas Rasikapriya and Ratipatipriya

Film Songs in Ragas Rasikapriya and Ratipatipriya:


  1. Best wishes to you ! You are the first column my father reads every Saturday - your writing is very accessible and makes us feel even we (aam aadmi) can also partake in the ocean of joy and meaning that is Carnatic music!

    warm regards


  2. Dear Ms.Charulata Mani,
    I listened to the clip of 'Ratipatipriya'raga-based film song.It was interesting to
    learn that the song,"Manam kaninde" from the film 'Haridass' is based on 'Ratipatipriya'.
    It must have been sung by T.R.Mahalingam or by M.K.Tyagaraja Bhagavathar.
    I may add that another very popular film song in the same tune as this is "Jagajj
    ananee sukhavani kalyani", probably sung by M.K.Tyagaraa Bhagavathar.This song is
    sung in concerts also y some musicians these days.
    With regards

  3. Hello Madam,

    I have gone through the article "Priya Principle" in Hindu dt. 4th inst.You have broadly outlined the intricate techicalities of both the ragas viz Rasikapriya and Ratipatipriya are more informative.The notations furnished for its composing are quite interesting.Besides the same ragas used by the reputed music composers in the film music,broughtout in the article deserves appreciation for their talented rendition.

    My very best compliments to you.

    kind regards

  4. Thank you so much dear music lovers. Yes, I guess I am the Aam Aadmi party leader in Carnatic Music! Thanks for that. :-)