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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Raga's Journey - Joy of Hamirkalyani

Isai Payanam - Raga Hamirkalyani:

Parimala Ranganatham - Dikshitar kriti with Lyrics and Translation:

Film Songs in Raga Hamirkalyani/Kedar:


  1. I consider myself privileged writing to you. With a strong liking for old film music, especially MSV-TMS-Kannadasan combinations and having developed same amount of liking for carnatic music, of late, I read your articles in the Hindu every alternate Saturdays with an avowed satisfaction of enlightenment. The Raga Hamirkalyani, dealt with you this week is one of my favourites. All along, I have been under strong belief that " Annai Seitha Pavam Naan Mannil Vandathu" in the music of MSV from the film Sumathangi is an apt example of Hamirkalyani. Generally, you don't leave any songs that constitute all the qualities of a particular Raga and since, you have not mentioned about this particular song, please clarify if it does not qualify to be purely based on that Raga.

    Thanks & Regards,

    K. Swaminathan

  2. Smt. Charulatha,
    Greetings. Your rendering of Hamirkalyani is superb. It is such a soothing raaga. I have listened to Raag Kedar sung by Kalyani Salunke. Pl. include "Parimala Ranganatham" in the list of songs to be sung by you in our festival. My forefathers hail from Therazhundur and as you mentioned, this Dikshithar Kruthi on Lord Parimala Rangan is fabulous. HE will take you to dizzy heights in your musical journey.

    Best wishes, Murali Raghavan

  3. Dear charu madam,

    I read your amir kalyani/kethar analysis - I have an interesting question.

    Do our artists touch all swaras in krithis though alaabana shows all arohana/avarohana swaras with perfect touch or as you say, in sahityam the raga swaras will be visible or with clarity only in some phrases?

    Please reply
    padmanaban krishnan

  4. Madam, you are the gift to the carnatic music and may god bless you. May saraswati mata gives you energy to serve music. your rendition is extraordinary and continue to organize such sessions more.
    P.V.Chalapathi Rao

  5. Hi Ma'am,

    Expecting a video and post on Ragam Saraswati and Ragam Hemavati...