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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Plain Speak on the Music Season - Kumkumam Interview

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For those who do not read Tamizh:
Singer Charulatha Mani discusses the state of the yearly phenomenon known as the Madras Music Season. In the Kungumam interview, Charulatha pulls no punches, and lambasts the degeneration of Carnatic Music concert performance from a celebration of glorious tradition and virtuosity, into a free-for-all of amateurism and mediocrity. The artiste holds forth on how sabhas have largely failed in their duty towards professional artistes and listeners, turning a blind eye to the inability of many well-connected amateur performers to adhere to even basic standards of concert performance such as singing in pitch or basic vocal technique. She also speaks about the motivation behind her Isai Payanam concerts and her efforts in reaching out to audiences, to dispel the notion of Carnatic music as an arcane art form patronised by a restricted section of society. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Isai Payanam DVDs from Laya Music are OUT!

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Sriman NarayanaIsai Payanam - Sriman Narayana (DVD)
  • Raga Bowli
  • Raga Lathangi
  • Raga Shuddha Saveri
  • Raga Behag
Eppo varuvaroIsai Payanam - Eppo varuvaro (DVD)
  • Raga Senchuruti
  • Raga Mohanakalyani
  • Raga Khamas
  • Raga Jonpuri
Vaanathin meethuIsai Payanam - Vanathin Meethu (DVD)
  • Raga Sahana
  • Raga Maand
  • Raga Bhagesri

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Isai Payanam DVDs to be launched!!

Charulatha Mani's much awaited "Isai Payanam" concert is scheduled on:
10 am, Sunday, December 9th at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Main Hall, Mylapore

This music season, Laya Music launches the latest Isai Payanam DVDs:
  1. "Vaanathin Meethu" – Ragas Sahana, Maand and Bagesri in Classical and Film Music
  2. "Eppo Varuvaro" – Ragas Senchuruti, Mohanakalyani, Khamas and Jonpuri in Classical and Film Music
  3. "Sriman Narayana" – Ragas Bowli, Lathangi, Suddha Saveri and Behag in Classical and Film music.
The DVDs shall be available at the venue and all major outlets soon after the release.
Entry is FREE, all are welcome.