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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Folksy flavours - Senchuruti and Yadukulakambhoji

Maadu meikum kanne - Raga Senchuruti:

Film Songs in Ragas Senchuruti  and Yadukulakambhoji:

Previously covered Ragas:

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  1. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge you have acquired about karnatic raagaas & the compositions in classical as well as film music over a period of time & your amazing attitude of doing hard work in sharing the same with everybody so that karnatic music awareness will be spread over the length & breadth of music lovers across the globe..
    Having said that, I have to mention that "Bruhi Mukundeti" is a composition of Sadasiva Brahmendraar, the great saint, a composer of Carnatic music in 'Sanskrit' and an Advaita philosopher & not by Paapanaasam Sivan who composed in Tamil.