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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Sivaranjani for Pathos

Isai Payanam on Jaya TV - Ragas Sivaranjani and Nilamani:

Isai Payanam Live Concert - Ragas Sivaranjani, Nilamani, Vijayanagari in Film Music:

Film Songs in Raga Sivaranjani:


  1. Hi This is Krishnamachary from vani mahal. I am seeing all your hindu articles which
    are very interesting and instructive. Keep it up. With Best Wishes. J.K

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  2. Dear madam,

    I am reading ur articles - with less understanding into its depth. But it gives me pleasure.


  3. Dear Charu madam,

    Some weeks back, you were writing on LATHANGI on metro plus and in that essay I was very keen in raga's resemblance to one that kalyani. Many a times I have a confusion since most of the swaras are adjustant to that of kalyani. Adatha manamum undo - song in Mannathi Mannan is said to be in lathangi but for a learner or fresher it seems just like kalyani. During one of the concerts of Unni Krishnan, the alaabana I observed it seemed to be kalyani - only after his krithi Pirava varam tharum I came to know it is lathangi. OK for a scholar to distinguish the job will be easy. Anyhow you have to admit both kalyani and lathangi have similar notes to certain extent and it varies by this and that. I was very particular on this in your essay on the other day. Am I correct, madam ?

    with regards,


    Next Isai Payanam, when it is scheduled and where ?

  4. Dear Charulatha,

    I enjoyed reading it in The Hindu last Saturday.

    Kudos to you!
    geetha chandar

  5. Dear Charulatha,

    On Friday evening I saw a show where you are talking with Usha Uthup. Next time you interact with Usha, tell her that her uncle is your fan!

    Best wishes,

    V. H. Ram

  6. Nice article Charulatha madam.

    best wishes,
    Aravind NG

  7. Thank you very much for posting this useful article. I always go through your write ups in" The Hindu". I don't know how i missed this particular write up. i have been following up your very informative articles on various ragas after i attended the programme in honour of my Guru, the Great Sri Vidya Upasaka ,the very Kamakshi of Kanchi, Lopamudra Rajam Mami in Mylapore last year , incidentaly your relative too


  8. This lay listener has been seeking to find out why carnatic music sounds so beautiful for a very long time. A big fan of Illayaraja (though I became one much later). I have absolutely no training in music and my wife thinks I am tone deaf too. Your articles and youtube videos are godsend gifts. Listening to your videos puts a smile (pun muruval) on my face - such is the beauty of this music and such is the importance of your mission.

    Now I am in the process of compiling playlists under raga names both Carnatic and film based. Its PantuVarali and ReetiGowlai to begin with. Can't have enough of them.

    Thank you and please continue to keep us educated/entertained.

  9. respectd madam,
    hope u r in excellent health.i congratulate u for ur analysis of different ragas. i pray u kindly place on ur
    blog sangatis for different ragas which shall help one to build up alapana and later manodharma.
    i am working as district collector , kadapa in a.p. and learng violin for the past 4 yrs.
    a reply frm u in this regard shall b an inspiration
    with regrds
    yrs sincerely,
    anil kumar IAS

  10. Ms Charulatha
    On which raaga is the song "aadatha manamum undo" ?