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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Raga's Journey - Bewitching Bhairavi

Isai Payanam  - Raga Bhairavi in Classical and Film Music

Film Songs in Raga Bhairavi

Muthusvami Dixitar's Balagopala in Raga Bhairavi with Lyrics and Meaning:

Previously covered Ragas:
Mesmeric Maand


  1. Dear Charulatha,
    Thank you very much for the Isaippayanam with Bhairavi. It was very well done. Superb choice of compositions and film music.Rendered with fervour, devotion , energy and finesse. I should make special mention of Amba Kamakshi, Chethulara, chinna Upachaaramu, yaaro ivear yaaro and chinthayamaam.Baalagopaala brings to my mind Raajagopaalan of Mannaargudi to whom it was addressed by Deekshithar.
    I am proud of being in your circle of rasikas.
    May the musical journey continue for ever!
    Gopala Rangarajan
    P.S. I am listening to MDR 's Baalagopaala in California.

  2. Dear Charulatha ji
    Superb bhairavi,
    Rakshaya I heard for the first, splendid , good, i hardly hear female singers i become your fan
    (Actually iam Mrudangam Player staying at Blore).


  3. trimakasih infoya sangat bermanfaat...

  4. What is your plan for 2016 ? Isai Payanam has educated us a lot.

    Why not you teach one composition once a month? you are sure to have many a

    Siahya ! saipremi

  5. In which ragam the song indrunamadullame (film thangapadumai) composed.