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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kutcheri Kolaveri

In the spirit of the season, yet another "Kolaveri" spin-off, emailed by an unidentified source:

Kutcheri kolaveri kutcheri kolaveri di.....
Kutcheri kolaveri kutcheri kolaveri di....

December season enter enter margazhi kolaveri fever
Artist singing audience chatter they will sleep-u later
Kutcheri kolaveri kutcheri kolaveri di...
Puncture aana throat-u throat-u no sing only bark-u
Secretary eyes meet-u meet-u my future-u dark-u

Empty hall-u white hair-u eyes full-a fear-u
Next-u Friday review come-u life-u reverse-u gear-u
Mamas mamas o my mamas you showed-u me bow-u
Rava rava onion rava u go eat in canteen-u
God-u I sing for 3 hours-u
Nobody come how-u??
This song for jilpa boys-u we dont have voice-u

Anyone singing in the chennai music season afternoon siesta concerts can identify with this, I think. Irreverent, but funny nevertheless...


  1. FYI, in some patanthara's:

    Puncture aana throat-u throat-u no sing only shriek-u
    Secretary eyes meet-u meet-u my future-u bleak-u

  2. why this kolaveri Charu madam??????????????

  3. Ha ha... But I admire the message behind the lyrics... :)

  4. Ah..You have had some insider information regarding the themes for the season!
    Some were disappointing so far...going by YouTube! Raga aspects were very good. More of a "Pavam than Bahavam (Bahavam thanae Pavam)" in few cases!