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I am a singer-researcher with expertise in Karnatik Music and Early Opera. I discuss intercultural music-making contexts. My work is available at www.charulathamani.com and at www.youtube.com/isaipayanam

Friday, June 17, 2011

Latest song from Markandeyan Movie

My latest song from Markandeyan film in the music of Sundar C Babu...Salman Khan launched the album which was received by Ilayathalapathi Vijay at a star studded function in Chennai couple of days ago. The song "Yakka Chakka" is a commercial number, fast and dancy...

Listen to it at:


Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Thank You to my Rasikas

The Isai Payanam Trust was started after the success of my Isai Payanam TV show on Jaya TV bridging ragas in Classical and Film music. I started the trust to promote musical awareness among all age groups and all sections of society as well as with the aim to support charitable causes through my music.

Our ecosystem of sabhas today comprises largely a recommendation-driven nepotistic patronage network. Recommendations of senior "vidwans", critics, and self-styled "musicologists" are taken more seriously than the calibre of the artiste itself while allocation of "slots" in the Music Season. Some artistes with absolutely no voice control or even a barely serviceable singing voice are given prime-time slots at so-called prestigious venues.

Professional artistes like yours truly have to contend with such a raw deal, that it is no wonder that today Carnatic Music is fast becoming a vocation for bored housewives and girls waiting to be married. It is no wonder that professional male artistes of my generation are an endangered species. It is a pathetic situation and in nowhere else in the world are professionals forced to take stage along with a motley collection of amateurs as is done in the much hyped up "December Festival", the quality of which is deteriorating with every passing year. This is the truth about the Music Season.

The enthusiastic crowds that come to my concerts and the love I get from my rasikas is all I value and cherish; in fact it's all I have. I don't have bigwigs recommending me as their student, my respected gurus have all passed over and all I have left is their rich musical legacy, their blessings and their teachings.

The numerous emails from visitors to my blog, YouTube channel, website are instrumental in persuading me to continue performing and preserving for posterity my humble contributions to our glorious music tradition.

Thanks for being there for me.. :-) and thanks to those few organisations that have believed in me always and supported me throughout...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just something interesting....

Tonight on the Tidel Park road as I was sitting in the moving car, the rain was pouring. I saw an auto stranded. The auto driver was repairing the auto, while a huge lorry was shedding light onto the auto, helping the poor driver. Humanity and friendship on the roads of Chennai comes forth in such times of inclement weather. Rather sweet!