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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Singampatti" song from movie "Veluthu Kattu"

Veluthu Kattu

Music Directors: Bharani, Sukumar
Actors: Arundhathee, Kathir
Director: Senapadimagan
Producer: Chandrasekaran SA


Singers: Charulatha Mani,  Shankar Mahadevan  Lyricist: Kabilan

Monday, June 21, 2010

Abu Dhabi concert, June 18th, 2010

The Carnatic Music Society and Indian Embassy at Abu Dhabi jointly hosted my Isai Payanam concert there. Warm audience, plenty of life and enthusiasm in them...

I presented certain Dasar padas, Thyagaraja and Dikshitar kritis, Bhajans and Abhangs in addition to Tamil favourites since the audience there is a mix of Tamil speaking population and Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi.

Mr Ganesh, a music lover and organiser from Abu Dhabi took the initiative to bring me to UAE after listening to my live concert here in Chennai. Very meticulous organiser and nice person. He and his wife Chandrika took great care of me, took me around after the concert, and we had lots of fun.

The visit to the Grand Mosque was unforgettable. Awe-inspiring architecture, marbled surfaces, hand painted windows, carpet, high ceilings, massive open-to-sky area...an experience to cherish. Wearing the burkha was a novel experience... I respect all religions and felt very calm and took in the spiritual vibrations.

The Royal Rajasthan restaurant supplied food after the concert and the Pudina Pulao tasted awesome...the next day we were invited there for lunch again and the Rajasthani thali was so good, I fell completely silent while eating. Watch out for the restaurant folks...

Shopping was a riot and I went crazy. If I had a few more days there I would have gladly blown up every last Dirham I possessed. SO COOL!

I met and chatted with popular comedian Mr.Vadivelu in the flight who was seated right behind me. I'm a big fan!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Albums from Rhythm Audio

Sankirtanam - Popular Telugu Kritis

  1. Sriman Narayana - Bowli - Annamacharya MP3 clip
  2. Slokam & Garudagamana - Hindolam - Annamacharya  MP3 clip
  3. Brahmakadigina - Mukhari - Annamacharya  MP3 clip
  4. Bhavamulona - Suddhadhanyasi - Annamacharya  MP3 clip
  5. Sri Rama Padama - Amritavahini - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip
  6. Entha Muddo - Bindumalini - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip
  7. Rama Daya Judave - Dhanyasi - Bhadrachala Ramadas  MP3 clip
  8. Marugelara - Jayantasri - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip
  9. Nada Thanumanisam - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip
  10. Muddugare Yasoda - Kurinji - Annamacharya  MP3 clip
  11. Bhavayami Gopalam - Yamuna Kalyani - Annamacharya  MP3 clip
  12. Ksheera Sagara - Anandabhairavi - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip
  13. Uyyala Luguma - Yamuna Kalyani - Sai Yachendra  MP3 clip
  14. Brahmam Okate - Bowli - Thyagaraja  MP3 clip

Isai Payanam - Live Concert, UK 2009

  1. Raga Nattai
  2. Raga Ratipatipriya
  3. Raga Hindolam
  4. Raga Valaji
  5. Raga Anandabhairavi
  6. Raga Desh
  7. Raga Hamsanadam
  8. Raga Kapi
  9. Ragamalika - Srichakraraja
  10. Ragamalika - Chinanchiru
  11. Raga Chakravakam
  12. Raga Mohanam
  13. Raga Maand
  14. Ragamalika - Kuraionrum

To order online, visit:


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isai Payanam @ Melbourne, June 6th 2010

Dear friends,

It was a lovely day, a little rain, sunshine, and single digit temperatures at Melbourne, Australia.
My Isai Payanam concert started at 4:30 pm at the Performing Arts Centre, Rowville. The hall is a beauty, with fine sound, good acoustic design and panelling.
The hall was filled to its capacity of 500, and there were standees too. This was a fund raiser for the Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple, Basin. Responsive, alert audience they were, with a huge appetite for music. Several ragas were lapped up, Classical pieces, devotionals, film songs etc. were sung by me, and I was enjoying myself too. Accompanying me on stage were Nagaraj Iyer on the Violin, and Yogaraja Kandasamy, a leading mridangist in Australia, and a very talented young keyboardist, and morsing player, as well as Kannan on the tabla.

The Indian Arts Association had arranged me a series of radio and TV interviews, promos, and had printed lovely brochures indicating program sequence, profiles of artistes etc. tastefully done. Mr Raj Nagarajan, President of the temple proposed the vote of thanks and the CD/DVD sales were awesome. We ran out of copies, but then we always do. Thank you dear rasikas for making me a happy artiste!!!

MP3 Audio excerpts:

Raga Tillang

Raga Nilamani

Raga Revathi


Read the Dinamalar article: