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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Teenage" - my latest song from the film Kadhalan Kadhali

Hi friends!

On 23rd October, my new song "Teenage" from the film Kadhalan Kadhali starring Jai Akash was released. The audio was launched in a function where Devisriprasad was the chief guest, and the song in a western number with Harish Raghavendra, totally rocks! Just listen to it, nice violin BGM too. Nandan Raj is the music director.

New Bhajan CD

"Kaatrinile Varum Geetam", my bhajan CD has been released by Sri Krishna Sweets for Diwali, and I just got copies. It has come out well and contains songs like Prabho Ganapate, Subramanyam, Sangita Rasike, Atma Rama, Vaa Vaa Hanumane, Maadu Meykkum Kanne and other popular songs with myself leading and the chorus repeating. A CD for light listening and bhakthi singing, from children to elders everyone will enjoy this offering. I have uploaded the tracks. Enjoy!

CDs are available at Sri Krishna Sweets outlets.

Lighting Kuthuvilakku for Korean Film Festival

I was a guest of honour at the Indo-Korean film festival held at Film Chamber premises on Monday 19th October. Mr. S. Ve. Shekhar and Mr. Chang, Byung-Suk from Korea Business Centre were present on the occasion. I spoke on how such festivals are increasing awareness of Indian film goers to international cinema. The festival opened with the screening of Memories of Murder.

In Srilanka, singing with Vijay Antony

Hi friends,

It was a fantastic experience to travel along with Mr. Vijay Antony, music director and co-singers to Jaffna, Sri Lanka, and perform live before an audience of 150,000 people on 25th October 2009. I performed my Naan Avan Illai song and also sang En Uchi Mandaila, and the crowd screamed drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! We had great fun dancing and singing on stage. Colombo is a nice place, good for shopping. Jaffna is very quiet otherwise, slowly recovering I think. Anyway, we all had a great time!

Monday, October 19, 2009


This is the beginning of a new series of blogs by me, called Raga Payanam. You can read about your favourite ragas in this section, the classical pieces in them, anecdotes, and of course film super-hits based on these ragas. Enjoy the musical rain!!

Arohanam: S G2 M2 P N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 P M2 G2 S

An auspicious pratimadhyama, audava raga, a janya of 66th Melakarta Citrambari(just for academic interest!), Amritavarshini as the name suggests is associated with rain. Muthuswamy Dikshitar is said to have brought rain to the parched lands near Ettayapuram by singing his famous composition Anandamrita in this raga. It is a minor raga, very well –loved by all rasikas, musicians and music directors for its characteristic gait, and brightness.

Classical compositions:
ANANDAMRITA - MUTHUSWAMY DIKSHITAR - The Raga Mudra is "Amritavarshini", raga name which also brought forth rain in Ettayapuram village where Dikshitar sang this piece)
SUDHAMAYI - HARIKESANALLUR MUTHIAH BHAGAVATAR - popularised by the late G N Balasubramaniam, the super-star of music whose birth centenary is this year, this kriti has a lovely chittaswaram also.

Film Songs:
SIVAKAMI AADAVANDAL - PAATTUM BHARATAMUM (music by M S Viswanathan, this song is a dance competition song that depicts a contest between Goddess Sivakami and Lord Nataraja, and has interesting jathis also)
MAZHAKKORU DEVANE - SRI RAGHAVENDRAR (this is a viruttam type of song sung by K. J. Yesudas, music Ilayaraja, in which Raghavendra Swamy prays to the lord of rain, Varuna for a downpour and extinguish the fire that is destroying the village. As soon as this piece is sung the rain starts and the fire is extinguished.
THOONGATHA VIZHIGAL - AGNI NATCHATRAM (Sung by K. J. Yesudas, and S. Janaki, in Ilayaraja’s music, this is a masterpiece in Amritavarshini. This song has lots of akaras and sangati-s which make it very special
NAAN THAANA - NINAITHALE , the latest addition, music direction Vijay Antony, Sadhana Sargam has sung this refreshing song.
A lively raga...
I will upload my recent concert clips in Amritavarshini very soon.... As we know music is better heard than read about, but every bit helps!!

Bye for now.....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

UK Concerts

Dear friends,

Hope you all had a lovely Diwali.

I had nice performances at London, full houses and warm audiences, organised by Tamil Orphans Trust. Very satisfying. Singing for 3 1/2 hours on consecutive days is quite a task, but by God's grace I was able to do it.

An excerpt from Sunday's concert:


The weather in London was quite pleasant bordering on being a little chilly and biting at times, especially at night. After the concerts I had a day to spare and went to the Bhakthivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple at George Harrison Manor, donated by George Harrison of the Beatles, to the Hare Krishna Movement. I also did some modest shopping and dined out with friends. I gave interviews, for Deepam TV, G-TV, IBC Radio, and one for Thamarai.com, a new portal for showcasing Asian talents to the Western world. The London audience is loving, receptive, very encouraging, and I was tickled when "Once more" resounded in the hall after I finished "Enna Thavam Seidhanai" in Kapi Raga. Overall, a hectic, enjoyable trip. Hope you liked me on Vijay TV's "Paattu Padava". I did my best, and 60K is nice to win...I'm contented (for now!!)