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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goa vacation, film recordings and updates

Dear Cyberians
How have you all been? Vacationing at exotic locales, or chilling out at the local beaches or curling up in the comfort of your AC rooms reading a book?
I took off to Goa for a five-day break this summer with my husband and one of the twins (the boy), the reason being he is the one who loves a swim, and she prefers her time indoors with books, or chit chatting away with my sis whom she considers her fashion guru (dressing in pink, latest hairdos, ribbons, dancing shoes etc.!!).
Anyway we had a nice time at the Royal Goan Beach Resort, Monterio in Goa. Plenty of sun ( a bit too much for even a hardcore Chennaite like myself to bear), lots of water, nice food, polite service, beaches with fine whitish sand often forming shelves. My son just lay down in the sandy shores as the water cascaded him like a cradle. It was a lovely sight. The Baga beach was walking distance away, and we went there everyday morning and evening. I loved to watch the sunset from the beach and do my meditation there. It was rejuvenating and liberating....
Anjuna beach was rockier and more picturesque, like the one you see in movies. I got some good photographs of us having fun in the sun.
There is a little cafe called the Lila Cafe run by a German couple, and the coffee, homemade chocolates, pastries, and ice creams there are exceptional. I stole a few mouthfuls from my innocent and distracted child's strawberry ice cream, it was heavenly. I sheepishly exclaimed that I was helping him finish it...

Anyway back to the good work and singing in good old Chennai. Last week I recorded a couple of movie songs, and did a shoot in Raj TV's Top Singer.
I recorded a nice song in raga Kaapi for a film called "Valiyudan Oru Kaadhal", interspersed with bols and jathis. The song had a good feel and pace to it...
Off to Calcutta next week for a concert, and by the way, how did you all react to the elections? I thought ...... (no comments, I know only to sing!!). I cast my vote, and am proud of myself for doing my duty as an Indian citizen... Wonder when that black mark on my left index finger will disappear, it looks .............hmm....... unprepossessing.
Ok my friends, thanks for reading all this.... and take care.