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Hi everyone!! This is Charulatha Mani. I have taken up blogging to interact with my rasikas worldwide. I would like to thank all of you for your support and appreciation for my Isai Payanam show on Jaya TV, "Isai Cafe" on Raj TV and live concerts. I am here to blog on my concerts, latest film songs, and updates on Isai Payanam and Sahitya Payanam. Happy reading :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elections, Tofu, and Hot Picks

My dear Cyberians,

    The elections are moving closer and I am thinking about the effect this could have on us musicians. A popular Tamil magazine's senior reporter and friend called me and said " Ma'am why don't we do an article with singers telling us their preference in voting in the upcoming elections? Let me start with you". I almost fell off the chair in shock, "please.... I hope I have a long and bright career ahead, please don't jeopardise it with a question like this!". "There, there", the cheerful reporter said "Today is April 1st ma'am".

    Having to go to the booth to cast our vote in the hot summer heat is indeed a very challenging ordeal but still worse is the selection process as to who to cast the vote for. Anyway I shall give away no clues as to who I will be voting for, it is a secret ballot you see, which is why in our country many people secretively even refrain from voting. Why not, anyway your vote shall be cast in complete secrecy by someone who passes off as you (second life avatar perhaps?).

    Friends please eat Tofu for vocal and holistic health, I heartily recommend it for voice users whether you are singers striving to get a sangati or emotion across or election campaigners struggling to get your point across or annoyed mothers of rebellious teenagers shouting to get yourself heard over inadmissible decibels of music. The vocal cords are muscles and they can be strengthened with tofu I believe and this view has been endorsed by my singer sister Srimathumitha. Disease resistance is also built up by consuming tofu. Just an innocent little tip folks, please donot conclude that I have a Soy paneer factory as a side business..... Oh no , surely not.

    And before signing off, I would like to recommend my pick of the day - the Dikshitar kriti Maaye in the raga Tarangini sung by Dr. M. L. Vasanthakumari is a stunner, please do listen to it if you can get hold of it somewhere.

In world music I would like to recommend the singer Wes. He is South African and his earthy singing and varied tones just rock....

Ok my dears, bye for now.... Somebody please do something about this heat in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Contrary to the Indian secret ballot, though ballot is secret in US, people openly state their party affliation on voter registration form and it is public knowledge, There is a oprion for decline to comment, but majority of people openly say either they are conservative (republicans) or liberal (democrat). conservatives are for small government, people mind their business, for privatization, free market, and market forces will drive economy, for anti abortion, for morality in schools, strong traditional family values. Liberals are on other side. They are for big government, government cares for all people, take care of health, and your money, are socialists. If you compare roughly democrats are to congress in India as to republicans are to BJP. Republicans are strongly nationalistic, for protecting borders, language. There are lot is parallel in political systems.

  2. I should clarify the above definition is idealistic. Bush was a conservative on some aspects but was a fiscal socialist, and so is current US president.

  3. We watched your above programme telecast in Jaya TV on Tuesday, the 5th inst. It was indeed a pleasure for us to view and listen to songs based on Hemavathi Raagam, which is a good Raagam, though not that popular.

    In this programme, you have chosen a Carnatic music's krithi (Shree Kaanthimathim)
    and 2 new film songs, one of Shri A.R.Rahman and the other of Shri Harris Jayaraj. With due respect to these new film songs, we wish to humbly point out that we would have enjoyed the programme better, had you chosen an old film song also, so that your programme is liked by (i) Carnatic music lovers, (ii) old persons like us who are fond of old film songs and (iii)
    young persons. In fact, this has been the way you have been conducting the programme till the programme telecast on 5th May, '09. The old film
    'Nandanar' has a song sung by Shri M.M.Dandapani Desikar on Hemavathi Ragam. That is 'CHIDAMBARA NAADHA'.

    Hoper you will agree with our observation and request you to have a representative mixture of songs in future, satisfying all your Rasikas.